Winning Poker Strategy and Tips

Nov 7, 2023

Pai Gow Poker is an online poker game which is played against a dealer in much the same way as Blackjack. However, you must create 2 Poker hands, one which contains 5 cards and another with 2 cards. These hand are then compared to the dealers current hands and if they are equal the winner is the one who has the highest valued hand. Pai Gow has rules which are based on a combination of chance and strategy.

The basic strategy of pai gow poker revolves around your general strategy, which should be to build-up your hand as much as possible before betting out and using the Ace or Queen card to bet out if you think you are close to winning. Beware of the Royal Flush, it may seem like a great strategy, but in actual fact it is one of the worst cards to play. The Royal flush is not recommended for a rookie because it can wipe out most players unless they have early success. It is recommended that a rookie play without the royal flush, and only use the Ace or King card when they feel they may have a chance at winning.

Another important factor in winning is to develop an early lead, this will allow you to stay in the game longer and make more money, this combined with your strategy will help you win the majority of your games. Remember, Pai Gow has a unique point system based on how many pairs can be ended with a single card. Therefore it is best practice to end your best five card hand with an Ace or King. If you want to be the best player at Pai Gow Poker, make sure you practice and study all the different strategies and learn how to beat the computer.