This category in addition to had several subcategories: (1) Fear of growing illness, and you may (2) Fear of disorder as opposed to a supporter

Nov 12, 2023

This category in addition to had several subcategories: (1) Fear of growing illness, and you may (2) Fear of disorder as opposed to a supporter

Actually, from the as a parent, female can have anyone to love and stay well-liked by for the advancing years and you can, due to the fact best possible way being a mother in Iran try to obtain partnered, the participants desired to marry

“… I say thank God that we in the morning match today, exactly what can i manage basically come down which have an effective state afterwards? …” (58 years old).

“The only one which manages me are my personal mommy, if in case one-day she dies, who will manage myself while i go lower having an illness” (37 yrs . old).


The primary conclusions of the expose qualitative research was in fact one never ever-married female aged thirty-five many years and more mature stated particular demands and you may issues. Particularly, answers yielded three secret themes: mental-religious lack, reform away from culture and you will community, and you will impairment-related loneliness (each one of which had been made up of groups and subcategories). The outcomes of your own present studies include notably to the present literary works in that participants’ views safeguarded an over-all type of neglected emotional, mental, sexual, and you may societal demands and you may inquiries. The range of solutions even offers an illustrative portrait regarding exactly how their needs and you will inquiries pertaining to community and of the interest to possess neighborhood as well as the some one in it to gain access to all of them in another way. Results are today talked about in detail.

Professionals within analysis wanted to get married for an effective partner, becoming a moms and dad, to enjoy and get liked. Inside esteem, the current findings try similar to the performance said by the Greitemeyer (2009); this research showed that single individuals getting lonely and need company within public life . Evident (2007) including unearthed that solitary women have been stressed and you will worried about becoming by yourself, as well as their ideal question was not having one children . The household is the most important way to obtain assistance and you can closeness among some one , but through the years, anybody get rid of their parents and be lonelier, so that they desire a person who wants all of them. Meanwhile, the need to be a mother is apparently inborn in the every woman .

Studies participants and additionally worried that they perform remain unmarried into the rest of their life and you will do getting a burden to their families within retirement. At the same time, they certainly were frightened to go into to the an inappropriate marriage ceremonies and you will and thus so you’re able to experience their spoil. It looking for is actually similar to the research because of the Kajbaf (2008); within this studies, never-hitched female quoted certainly one of the concerns since the perhaps not looking for a beneficial compatible lover through the years and consequently taking marriage on incorrect person . From inside the Iran, women usually live with their own families up until matrimony. This trend is also found in other East communities such as for example Indonesia and you can Malaysia . Whenever mothers pass away, women can be possibly forced to live with its sisters, plus whether they have a living, they feel he’s a burden. Are a weight on the someone else explanations an impression out-of mind-disliking, insignificance, a lesser sense of belonging, and isolation . Qaderzadeh (2017) showed that never ever-married feamales in old-fashioned societies is actually less inclined to real time alone and, as they age, they feel that they are a weight with the family .

Mental rumination with including attitude just like the mental low self-esteem, anxiety, guilt, and feel dissapointed about away from seeing new lives out of married people was in fact frequently present in the latest participants’ solutions. Which have mental defense is just one of the very first people requires one to, when the fulfilled, will provide a guy reassurance . The outcomes of ) studies indicated that partnered female noticed much more emotionally secure than solitary female . The reason behind the mental safety was probably because they felt appreciated, and they had someone to assistance them in making extremely important ), married people scored most useful into mental health than just men and women .