The wedding ceremony consists of two parts

Nov 9, 2023

The wedding ceremony consists of two parts

Basic, a wedding ceremony occurs where in actuality the rings are offered. The next region is the marriage, where in fact the few commonly wear the crowns / wreaths on their minds, the priest prays in their eyes, both are consuming of your common glass, and in the end they’re going around the altar Typically, several priests exists.

To your altar, there was a holder which have some towel. Into the dish, the wedding wreaths (stefana), sugar almonds (koufetes), wedding rings, rose petals, and you will grain are on they. At exactly the same time, there will be a cup of nice dark wine. The altar desk is also the spot where the marriage certification is found on, which the pair and koumbaros / koumbara might also want to indication following ceremony.


At the wedding parties provide every tourist a little provide entitled bomboniere. This might be fastened as well as tulle, that have sugar-decorated almonds inside, that Greek is called koufeta. Have a tendency to, you provide brand new tulle-covered glucose almonds with the subscribers within chapel adopting the service, but some always give the gift suggestions during the lobby later.

  1. The newest white color on the exterior presents purity.
  2. This new egg form of brand new almond is short for fertility.
  3. The latest stiffness of your own sweet almond presents the strength of marriage.
  4. The fresh new sweet liking on the glucose was symbolic of the latest sweetness of marriage.
  5. Fundamentally, the amount of almonds keeps a particular meaning. You always provide about three, four or eight almonds to each invitees (or other weird amount). It ought to be a strange amount as it can’t be divided. This might be transferred to the couple, that will together with become indivisible adopting the wedding.

A greeting to all or any customers

In the event the couples has become husband and wife, they look to substitute top of your own altar, the backs facing the new church. The mother and father are standing there next to the couple so you’re able to anticipate each one of the travelers. First, the fresh new koumbaros and you can koumbara desired the couple and also the mothers because of the kissing their face (very first correct, then leftover).

When they have greeted, they pose near the couple and also the mothers in order to welcome the invitees also. Now, the subscribers means a line, and each turns up into few so you can acceptance and you will compliment all of them, in addition to desired the mother and father and the koumbari before they get-off brand new chapel to visit the newest cluster.

The initial moving

Very first, the guests reach the fresh group, and therefore the bride and groom certainly are the past to look. Always, hopeful sounds has been played since pair guides towards area while you are all of the tourist took its chairs. Because the couple has reached this new moving floors, the music change plus they start moving its basic dance because the wife and husband. Later on, simple fact is that groom’s turn to dance with his mother, and finally the fresh new bride-to-be dances with her father before people lies down.

Reducing the wedding pie

In the Greece, wedding parties constantly occur in the evening, particularly during the summer, or even it’s as well scorching to locate partnered. Ergo, it is quite a traditions (about into the Kalymnos) the couples slices the marriage pie immediately after the first dance. This will be so that the wedding pie cannot melt when you look at the the heat. Yet not, you might desire would anything you require, due to the fact way of living are not fixed statutes.

The happy couple cuts an article of this new cake which have each other carrying an identical knife. It set a piece with the a platter, the spot where the bride-to-be provides their partner a bite which have a spoon, and this new bridegroom nourishes their partner a bite of pie with similar spoon. Then the pair grandfather a bottle off wine, which is put with the several cups. The couple drinks regarding the glasses that have one arm crossed over one other. Later, the marriage pie was put into the kitchen area to get cut, thus all the traffic for each and every score a piece.