Science and you can tech are essential getting federal invention and you can improvements

Nov 10, 2023

Science and you can tech are essential getting federal invention and you can improvements

Point 9. The fresh Congress should establish a nationwide code fee comprising agents of several countries and procedures hence should take on, coordinate, and you can provide scientific studies towards the creativity, propagation, and you may conservation out of Filipino or other dialects.

Point ten. The state shall bring priority to research and you can creativity, development, creativity, and their application; and to science and you will technology knowledge, knowledge, and you will services. They should assistance native, suitable, and worry about-centered medical and you will scientific capabilities, as well as their application to your country’s energetic possibilities and you may federal lifestyle.

Point 11. The new Congress may possibly provide getting bonuses, and additionally taxation write-offs, so you’re able to remind private participation when you look at the apps away from basic and you will applied scientific browse. Scholarships and grants, grants-in-assistance, or any other kinds of bonuses are accessible to worthy technology youngsters, boffins, experts, creators, technologists, and especially gifted citizens.

Part 12. The official should regulate the fresh new transfer and you can render the fresh new version out-of technical from all of the present on national work with. They will enable the largest contribution away from individual communities, local governments Nepali schönes sexy Mädchen, and society-created communities regarding generation and you may utilization of research and you can technical.

Area 13. The state shall include and you can keep the exclusive liberties regarding boffins, inventors, musicians and artists, and other gifted owners on the intellectual property and you may designs, particularly if advantageous to the folks, to own such period just like the is generally provided with legislation.

Point fourteen. The official shall foster the new maintenance, enrichment, and you can dynamic progression from a beneficial Filipino national people according to research by the principle from unity when you look at the diversity in the a climate of totally free visual and you can rational expression.

Part fifteen

Arts and you will letters shall benefit from the patronage of the State. The official should save yourself, offer, and you may popularize the country’s historic and you will social tradition and you will info, in addition to aesthetic productions.

Most of the state’s graphic and you will historical riches constitutes brand new cultural benefits of the nation and you can can be according to the defense of County which could regulate their spirits.

Part 17. The state shall acknowledge, respect, and you can include new legal rights away from native social teams in preserving and you can write their cultures, living, and you can organizations. They should consider these liberties regarding the elements of federal preparations and you can regulations.

Section 18. (1) The official shall be sure equal use of social possibilities through the educational system, societal or personal social entities, grants, offers or other incentives, and you will area social centers, and other public places.

Area 19. (1) The state will render bodily studies and you will encourage recreations applications, category competitions, and you may beginner football, in addition to knowledge to possess global tournaments, so you’re able to promote thinking-punishment, teamwork, and you can perfection with the growth of a healthy and you will aware citizenry.

(2) The educational institutions shall accept regular activities regarding the country in collaboration with sports clubs or any other sectors.

Part 1. The official knows brand new Filipino relatives since the first step toward the newest country. Accordingly, it will reinforce their solidarity and you will definitely render their full invention.

Section 2. Marriage, as an inviolable societal establishment, ‘s the first step toward the family and you may is protected by the state.

Section 16

(1) The proper from partners in order to receive children prior to their spiritual convictions and the requires out-of responsible parenthood;

(2) Just the right out of children to help you advice, along with care and you may nutrition, and you can special protection from the types of neglect, abuse, cruelty, exploitation, or any other requirements prejudicial on the innovation;

(4) Suitable out of family members otherwise household members connections to sign up this new thought and you may implementation of procedures and you will apps which affect them.

Section cuatro. The family comes with the duty to look after the earlier participants however the Condition s out of personal security.

Area step one. New banner of one’s Philippines are going to be purple, light, and blue, having a sunlight and you may around three a-listers, because the consecrated and you may honored from the some body and you will identified by legislation.