Both boffins have an understanding of both Korean people and you will sexual minority items

Nov 9, 2023

Both boffins have an understanding of both Korean people and you will sexual minority items

One another researchers have prior browse experience in sexual minority-relevant items having fun with an excellent phenomenological approach and you may studies enjoy regarding sexual fraction things also. Ahead of the studies range, we searched and you will understood our very own prospective biases and you will assumptions (Hill mais aussi al., 1997; Hays and Singh, 2011) out of bisexual people as well as their experiences linked lue kaikki tiedot täältГ¤ to romantic relationship. The first specialist stated that she thought that bisexual somebody would turn out so you’re able to exact same-sex people in the a higher level as compared to various other-sex partners. Next specialist reported that she believed that bisexual someone you’ll find it difficult to appear to the people generally however, view it simple to turn out on the couples.

Investigation coding and you can research

The newest measures to have evaluating the info for it research aimed which have the recommended method from the Colaizzi (1978), and that continues below: (a) reading through the newest participants’ transcribed interviews from time to time so you can rating a general getting to them, (b) identifying tall statements one to have to do with the romantic skills, (c) exploration off meanings, (d) organizing the distinctive line of definition toward clusters of your motif, (e) creating a detailed a conclusion out of phenomena, (f) going back new results of data on the users, and you may (g) and make one called for transform highlighting participants’ opinions. In the end, i provided a great doctoral scholar regarding programming and you will data procedure who’s got thorough education feel regarding sexual minorities to increase brand new legitimacy of your own analysis.


Several methods were utilized to increase the latest trustworthiness of your research within research: (a) Researcher prejudice are recognized ahead of the study range (Creswell and you may Poth, 2016); (b) the information have been constantly compared to the new templates you to designed in the analysis; (c) the results was in fact seemed toward users (member-checking; Lincoln and Guba, 1986; Creswell and you may Miller, 2000), and you can (d) an external auditor, chosen based on their unique detailed guidance knowledge to your sexual minority people for the Korea, checked and you may verified brand new templates and you will malfunction of your templates.


We identified four themes from Korean bisexual individuals’ skills about their term in the context of intimate dating: (a) learning me personally while the bisexual, (b) exposure to help you discrimination and you may exemption, (c) suffering from brand new sex of an enchanting lover, (d) securing myself when engaging in a connection, and (e) great things about partnership.

Training me personally while the bisexual

The majority of users reported that they accustomed accept on their own as the heterosexual but reassessed you to identification after they started to including somebody of the identical sex, following they known themselves while the bisexual. Subin demonstrated her feel, “While i cannot rule out the possibility of me personally having romantic thoughts for ladies, I thought to myself ‘Oh, I would be bisexual,’ and you will accepted they.” Jiwoo additional, “Matchmaking forced me to to establish my personal preference.”

Concurrently, extremely players said that they didn’t have solid bias or opposition to the sexual minorities even before distinguishing by themselves since bisexual. Instance, Hajun told you, “I’ve always got a fairly big interest in this topic (sexual minorities), and so i remaining the entranceway open.” New participants’ discover and you can responsive thinking toward sexual minorities seems to keeps helped them discuss the potential for their particular sexual term while the bisexual otherwise sexual minority, hardly perception repulsed.

However, people stated that that they had continuously censored its bisexual title even after they recognized by themselves as the bisexual, as they noticed mislead or not sure about their name. Specifically they began to matter whether or not they remained allowed to believe by themselves bisexual once matchmaking some one for a long period, and therefore failed to allow them to feel keen on or time some one of your other sex. Eg, Jimin said, “I’m sure I don’t you would like recognition to possess my own name, however, to name myself bisexual, I’m sort of under some pressure particularly I will provides nearly the same proportion from choice ranging from preference one another sexes.” Eunseo stated an equivalent concern. She mentioned: